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Acrobatic Classes & Flying Trapeze in Orange County, California

Swing from any structure you see with acrobatic classes focusing on flying trapeze from our company in Orange County, California. SwingIt Trapeze offers classes to bring out your athletic skills, combining elements of fitness, performance, choreography, conquering fears, teamwork, as well as grace and style.


Safety First

This activity portrays similarity to any sport, in that there are risks involved. That being said, at our company, safety is our number one priority. With state-of-the-art equipment, we constantly inspect and maintain gear with assistance from highly-trained professionals. Our professionals only follow well-tested methods.

Relax & Enjoy Yourself

When flying at our trapeze school, you are hooked into safety lines any time your feet are off the ground. In addition to these safety lines, there is a large safety net underneath you. Our instructors are there through every step of each lesson to help you feel comfortable and have fun.

Trapeze Artist Swinging, Acrobatic Classes in Newport Beach, CA

Flying Trapeze Is Great for Any Adventure including:

• Circus Theme Birthday Parties
• Entertainment
• Personal Fitness
• Corporate Training
• Team Building Events
• Yoga-Type Aerial Fitness
• Hippies
• Surfers
• Family Events
• Kid's Day Camps
• School Programs
• Dating & Singles Events


Experience Freedom

Trapeze lessons are more than just about circus tricks, it provides you with strength. There is a class available to fit your schedule perfectly, producing motivation and inspire, plus you are pushed to sweat while having a great time. It's a freeing practice that everyone has to experience.

Your Initial Session

Your two-hour fun-filled lesson begins with you learning how to hang from your knees on the trapeze bars. You may develop a way to swing and get caught by an instructor at the end of the session. 

Learning More

Your next trapeze class is based on your skill level and teaches you several tricks. The advanced classes -- available only upon staff approval -- consist of four catches and working toward flying without safety lines. When you want to attend classes as a group, discounts are available for you.

Contact us to request more information about our acrobatic classes.